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What our landlords say... 

Property investment made easy 

“After selling property in London and moving to Brighton, there was some cash available that I wanted do invest in property. 
“I had lived in Milton Keynes before, but I still wanted Vik's advice about which properties to buy, and we viewed them together. In fact, I was confident enough to buy one simply on Vik’s recommendation. 
“I wouldn’t have bought the properties without Vik’s advice and if I had to manage them myself, I wouldn't want to do it.” 
Hands-free service 
“The service Vik offers is ideal for me because I live in Brighton. The only decisions I get involved with are if anything goes wrong. He's proactive, so I know what's happened and am well informed. 
“So that problems can be resolved quickly we have a float of funds for small repairs. Things like energy performance certificates and electrical installation safety certificates are all sorted out. 
“Because the properties are flats, the only thing I have to deal with is anything concerning the freeholders, such as the ground rent and service charges.” 
Dealing with surprises 
“As a new landlord I was surprised when boilers needed to be replaced and when floods happened, but everything was dealt with. 
“There was one individual who didn't pay but Vik was excellent. He went through the process, got a court judgement, and eventually the tenant paid. I wouldn't have known how to deal with something like that. 
“During the covid-19 pandemic one tenant delayed their rent for one month but paid in full the following month. Vik dealt with it all. In five years, I don’t think I have had any voids.” 
Making things happen 
“Vik is really easy to work with. You can always get him on the phone, but mostly he just gets on with it, so I don't have a lot of professional involvement. 
“I would recommend that other landlords speak with Vik. I would say ‘do it’ because he is exactly as you see. He makes things happen. He does what he says. He makes life so much easier. 
“National chains don't go the extra mile, but Vik gives the service you expect and want.” 

Reassuring for first time landlords 

“In 2013 we were first time landlords. We approached some of the big national companies but felt much more comfortable with Vik. We didn’t really know what support we wanted but he dealt with everything, which is very reassuring, and he responds to tenants really quickly.” 
Knowledge and experience 
“We're not professional landlords and it's worked out very well for us. Vik is easy to talk to and explains everything. He's knowledgeable and his fees are a bit more reasonable than some. 
“He’s there for both sides and keeps our tenants happy. He’s very good at judging which tenants will be right for you and he knows the area really well. 
“We started with one property and then had another from 2018, which we recently sold to the tenants with Vik’s help.” 
Choose carefully 
“There are a lot of companies that would be happy to take your money and do very little in return, so you should think carefully about who you go with. I know of people who haven’t had great experiences elsewhere. 
“After I met Vik, I didn't have any reservations and he helps you get over any hurdles We can always get hold of him, which is important. That’s why we have never considered going anywhere else.” 
“In March 2020 I was really worried as our current tenants were moving. Vik found new tenants in four weeks. He took care of viewings and all the arrangements. In fact, we have never had a gap in tenancies, except for redecorating. 
“When work needs to be done on the property, I never feel that Vik pushes the easiest or most expensive solution. He'll always obtain quotes, give advice and make all the arrangements. I haven’t been to the property for years because Vik goes regularly and sends us reports. 

Easy, honest and open 

“Originally we had three properties and two different letting agents. One of them was a friend who later sold to a larger business, which disappointed us. 
“The second was another large business that we had heard good things about. We became very dissatisfied with them because there was no personal touch and we felt as if we were just a revenue stream. 
“When we met Vik we just chatted. It was easy, honest, open and there wasn’t any salesmanship. What you see is what you get. He gave us scenarios so we could decide how much of his input we wanted. 
“If you’re considering changing your letting agent, don't be affected by your previous experience. You should definitely speak with Vik. You can be open with him and say what you want, and you won’t feel under any obligation.” 
A fully managed service 
“Working with Vik is just 'nice'. He’s always so calm and relaxed and is happy to be as involved as we want. 
“We went with full management because we were both working and spending time in Spain. Once, when we were away, one property had a burst tank, which he fixed without any fuss.” 
Good relationships 
“Vik has a good relationship with our tenants and it’s very reassuring to work with someone who knows what's required. We even picked his brains when one of our children was starting a tenancy. 
“He understands where everyone is coming from and he knows that each landlord has different requirements. We want to be involved with our properties and speak with tenants, with Vik present, of course. We trust his advice because he has been in so many more properties than us.” 

Taking all the inconvenience out of renting properties 

“We had found a property but letting was new for us. Vik explained what he could do and, when we were buying, he advised whether we were making a good choice. That was six years ago.” 
Looking after everything 
““We have never had to chase rent or had time without tenants. Vik just sorts it all out. We haven’t been involved because we don’t need to be. 
“Vik is good because he just does it, sorts it and looks after it. Our tenants are happy and looked after. He’s flexible and takes all the inconvenience out of renting properties. 
“He checks every three months and he’s very good at vetting tenants, so we don’t have any problems. Even during the pandemic, he has just dealt with everything. 
“He even indirectly found someone to buy one of our properties too.” 
“For anyone thinking about investing in rental properties I would confidently tell them to have a chat with Vik. Once you chat to him, you too will have the same level of confidence. Vik is very personable.” 

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